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The Hospitality Tour to strengthen sustainable tourism

Florie Thielin

An encounter,and the Hopineo team expands Meeting on Skype  on Saturday 28th of June, 4 p.m. We meet Florie, currently in Barcelona, about to leave for The Hospitality Tour. Departing on 1st of July (She too !). An indefinite-term journey…

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How to book sustainable holidays

Nowadays, there are many online reservation systems which make easier the accommodation access and enable travelers to find quickly what they are looking for from their located smartphones. However, the dissatisfaction against the numerous reservation systems to find accommodation is…

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Day 7: Preparations for the Tour de France gain momentum


Ever growing excitement, packing, final tecnical details… We are at the end of what’s left of straight road before our first Hopineo Tour. Evaluation of the last few weeks before the Tour de France We have been busy ever since we…

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A vision for tourism, by Hopineo

The second video production “made by Hopineo”. We propose you to discover: the utopia towards wich we try to tend why we chose tourism to contribute to a better world and finally our definition of responsible tourism.  

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Hopineo by Hopineo

Thanks to our friend Pierre Baudais, who we will never thank enough, we produced last week-end our first presentation video. Almost 200 views on YouTube. It’s a start! ;-) Musical credits : Hey Brother (Aviici) and Man In The Mirror…

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Modèle économique?

Un modèle opérationnel plutôt qu’un modèle économique. L’une des premières questions qu’on nous pose lorsque nous présentons le projet Hopineo, est “quel est votre modèle économique?” Au lieu de ce mot, nous préférons le terme “modèle opérationnel” qui se concentre davantage…

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