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After the Aude and its Cammas Blanc, eco-spot to be, we mus confess, we’re a little confused. We knew: sometimes some choices would be difficult. Do not look too close at the offer of Jean-François is one of those. Dedication for 1 or 2 years in the development of an eco-village in the countryside, or in an old spa … this sounds wonderful! Especially since that’s an idea we had in mind for several months now. This is one of the options we have aside for the future … But then, the offer is probably a few years too early. Never mind, we have in mind a few friends that might be interested.

For now, our desire to hit the road is too important.

First hitchhikers trafic jam.

[one_half] Saturday, August 16, 5:30pm : we got into  Jean-François’ sedan to get to Narbonne. Our new friend chooses to go several kilometers further than usual and dropped us at the toll. After a few long minutes in the trafis, it is a different kind of traffic that we experienced : two girls and two guys, armed with their sign indicating their direction, waiting at the toll …
We arrived first, but we let the girls take the first car stops. It shows that the saying “too good too dumb” does not apply automatically!
[/one_half] [one_half_last] It is Jean-Christophe, the second driver who can not resist our good humor, who made ​​room in his coach and involved us. Back from Andorra, for the visit, he goes beyond Montpellier (our destination for the day), in Lunel. Welder at Iris Bus, he tells us all about the bus industry, its few relocations in the Czech Republic, the French excellence in the field, the latest innovations in fuel and the stranglehold of the Italian IVECO on the market. To make it short, very interesting.
[/one_half_last] [box type=”note” ] But the most striking during the hour we spent together, is the joie de vivre, the smile, the simplicity emerging from a human being. Indescribable in writing, let’s just say that out of the car, we were feeling extremely happy and smiling from ear to ear.
[/box] [one_half] Good mood of the day affecting its peak when we see Riitta, our dear aunt, who picks us up in the parking lot of the well known fast food chain in which
[/one_half] [one_half_last] we have not put any toe since we left (it’s one of our little challenges, with the deprivation of Coke …) – this is not a very difficult challenge, we agree.

Retrofits for responsible tourism.


3 days in Montpellier, with the family, are an opportunity to make up for lost time. Updating the website, construction of a new video …

This is also an opportunity to spend quality time, quite simply. At Riitta and Fulvio’s, it is one of our little haven of peace where we like to spend some time; a must on this tour of France.

[/one_half] [one_half_last] Although we are not in the very heart of the Hopineo business, these moments are necessary. But we are never far from our subject! Thanks to Facebook, Hopineo catches us up with happiness and leads us, through a friend of Justine, about thirty kilometers from the town, to the Etrier des Cabanelles, ethological and ecological stables.
[/one_half_last] [box type=”note” ] Anne, Philippe, their stables and the spirit prevailing there are a work of art! A love at first sight for the horseriders we are.
[/box] [one_half] The owners are opening the doors of ethology, which we were both foreigners. Make the horse a partner, build a joint project with him, trying to get closer to the maximum of his language. A revolution in the world of horse riding; and a very strong echo with Eco-Logis Ensarnaut, that we visited the Gers.
[/one_half] [one_half_last] Beyond the ethological approach, Anne and Philippe are pioneers on renewable energies and aspire to create in their area a tourist accommodation …

We’ll definitly cross our paths again…


And here we go again !

[one_half] Aug. 20, 8 am, Uncle Fulvio dropped us outside of Montpellier. We’re going to Uchaud, towards Nîmes to visit Le Clos des Capitelles before heading due north to cross almost the entire Cevennes.

The morning run smoothly, alternating a few kilometers by foot, various conductors and interview of Mrs. Rigaud, at the Clos des Capitelles. We lunch in Ales, former mining land rich in contrasts before starting the hard part of the day: the Cevennes!

[/one_half] [one_half_last]

We’ve been warned, but we had faith!

We string together three cars to go the first 10 kilometers … that’s alredy a lot! Our latest road hosts are, luxury, a camping car + a car. One in each vehicle! Holiday mood, amid Tibetan flags to decorate the truck. They let us in the middle of the forest, on a crossroads.

[/one_half_last] [box type=”note” ] Waiting periods, jokes, waiting in the rain, waiting, heavy rain … 1h40, 5 cars pass, only two potential hosts, which does not stop. It is the 6th which is the one. At Chamborigaud, we traveled 28km in 4 hours …! Funny.
[/box] [one_half] It is the local train that leads us to Villefort, in the northern Cevennes, where Bernard our host for the next few days, is waiting for us. Thank you to the SNCF for its contribution to the Tour de France Hopineo! (station closed, no controller, no way to pay or place our presentation to be given the tickets …).
[/one_half] [one_half_last] For the rest, we will write soon about La Butinerie, where we are evaluating the rainwatercollection and marketing abroad. We’ll talk about especially our nest here, a first for us: a teepee in the meadow with donkeys and horses crossing! TOO GOOD !! 🙂

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