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It’s debriefing day at La Rhonie!

Marie-Rose and Serge’s son, Vivien, arrived last night with his girlfriend. They plan to rejoin their parents in the business in May 2015. So the pay a huge attention to the work we deliver today :

  • Strategic vision
  • Development plan
  • Instruction book and manual to auto-construct unusual and freeky ecolodges (Congratulation to Justine for the huge work !).

As the subject is very important and large, and the plan exciting, sharing and discussions are numerous!

The Domaine de La Rhonie aims to become a new model of cultural and environmental recreation center, where the client’s experience is the key item. More than lodging, it’s an eco-place we have worked on these last two weeks: ludo-educational workshops, unusual lodging and living, pedagogical farm… yet we cannot say everything but we can’t wait to see what will be going on next year.

We will accurately follow the eco-domain evolution, as it is developped and entertained by such fantastic people, who received us as a prince and princess. And we hope you will be able to follow it too!

We will tell you more as soon as possible and let you know all that happened these last 15 days, but we already know that tomorrow will be a difficult one: leaving this place and people is going to be tough!…

But you know, the call of the road… so “high hearts”, as we say in French, we move on!

See you soon!

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